Fast Stump Removal In Whittier CA

Stump removal service in Whittier CaliforniaFor stump removal in Whittier CA call White Valley Tree Service. We have the equipment and crew capable of taking care of the stump that remains in your yard after a tree has been cut down.

There are many reasons why you may have come across this page. Perhaps you have used a tree cutting company who left the stump without telling you that stump removal was a separate job; or maybe you kept a stump for decorative purposes but you are now ready to get rid of it. When you need a stump removed, put your trust into White Valley Tree Service.

Not all tree service companies in Whittier CA will remove a stump after cutting down a tree. In fact, it is quite common that these two jobs are completely separate because of the different specialized machines used and the skills needed. Before you invest in cutting down a tree, make sure to ask the company about the stump. They will often charge extra for the service or refer you to another company because they do not have access to the right equipment.

White Valley Tree Service is a licensed and insured tree service company with the tools and the personnel to grind a stump down until you no longer see it.

A stump grinding machine is used to grind down the stump until it is below ground level. Our well-maintained stump grinding machine operates by grinding down the stump piece by piece. Once it is at an ideal height, the area is smoothed out and dirt or sod can be put down. What happens to the remainder of the stump and the roots underground? They naturally rot away so you will not have to worry about their presence.

Are There Reasons For Not Removing A Stump?

Yes. Some folks like the idea of having a stump for decorative purposes. Others will not want to spend the money to remove the stump and let it naturally rot away. However, this process can take years, even decades, before it is complete unless harsh chemicals are used.

Stump grinding is an ideal alternative when you do not want the cost of removing a stump entirely but want it gone. After you have spent the money to remove a tree because it was dying or damaged, you do not want to have an ugly stump ruining the aesthetics of your property. Stump grinding is a great option that we can bring to you at an affordable cost.

Give us a call at (562) 600-0698 if you have questions about our stump grinding processes and to schedule a time for us to come out to your Whittier CA home and give you an estimate.

Stump Grinding In Whittier CA

A large stump can take more time and effort to remove than a smaller stump however the process generally takes only a few hours; occasionally it will take longer but rarely will stump grinding take more than one day. Most stumps can also be removed by grinding although you occasionally come across a stump too large to be grinded down.

If you choose White Valley Tree Service for stump removal in Whittier CA, we will provide you with an estimate and the final cost you would be expected to pay upon completion. We are honest about our work and place a high priority on safety and customer service so you can expect to know the final cost and know that we will operate our machinery safely on your property.

For stump grinding, tree trimming and tree removal services, use the highly-skilled crew of White Valley Tree Service. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment for an estimate, call us at:

(562) 600-0698