Quality Tree Removal In Whittier CA

Since 2005, White Valley Tree Service of Whittier CA has been one of the top tree removal companies of the area. They have been trimming trees, removing trees and stumps from yards and lawns throughout the Los Angeles area. When you want reliable tree removal services, put your trust into the certified arborists on staff at White Valley Tree Service. Marco Ochoa, owner of White Valley Tree Service, places a high emphasis on providing customers with outstanding service and practicing safety measures so that tree trimming and tree removal is completed safely and efficiently.

Tree removal service in Whittier CaliforniaKeeping your trees thriving can sometimes be a challenge. Whittier and the surrounding LA area are subject to long time frames of dry heat which makes watering a luxury especially when there are droughts and/or water restrictions. Keeping your palm trees or fruit trees properly maintained, trimmed, and pruned will go a long way to helping your foliage thrive while also providing shade from the hot summer sun.

Thunderstorms are not something we generally have to do deal with but Santa Ana winds are surely a weather phenomenon that can break loose weak or dead branches which can cause considerable damage to your home and property. When those hot winds arrive, you will want to ensure your trees are trimmed for safety so that branches are not falling on your car, in your pool, or knocking down power lines.

When you call White Valley Tree Service to schedule an appointment, we will send out a crew member who can assess your trees and determine the best approach for either trimming the tree so it is well-maintained or if it needs to be removed completely. We will offer you an honest estimate so you know the services we suggest and the final cost once the project is completed. We are also more than willing to consider and apply your requests so that you have the look and feel of the home you always wanted.

By using our well-maintained equipment, the knowledgeable and skilled team members at White Valley Tree Service will be able to safely and efficiently work on your Whittier CA home. Every tree is unique and our certified arborists will be able to custom design a plan that is affordable while ensuring your tree grows and thrives as much as possible.

Why Choose White Valley Tree Service?

  • Our company offers competitive and affordable estimates.
  • We are licensed/insured in the state of California.
  • Our certified arborists bring decades of experience.
  • Emergency tree removals are available. Just give us a call at (562) 600-0698.

White Valley Tree Service has a reputation for providing great customer service. Our commitment to safety means that, when you hire our insured crew for your tree removal, you and your property are protected from accidents or damage that may incur while we are removing the tree. We believe safety is first for both our employees and customers which is why we employ well-trained and highly-skilled crews who use well-maintained tools to complete any tree trimming or tree and/or stump removal job in Whittier CA and the surrounding area.

Tree Removal Whittier California

If you have a dead tree in need of removal, our crew will be able to safely remove the tree for you. Tree removal can be a challenging project especially if the branches are near structures or powerlines. Luckily, we have a dedicated team with the knowledge and equipment to tackle the tallest trees and bring them down safely. Stump removal is a separate service that we offer and this labor-intensive job is available if you want the stump gone as well. Not all tree removal companies are honest about the need for both services and some companies will only offer one or the other. With White Valley Tree Service, you will always have honesty and integrity with every job you need us for.

Contact us at (562) 600-0698 if you want any more information. By hiring White Valley Tree Service of Whittier CA, you will soon see why we have a reputation of being one of the best tree service companies in the Los Angeles area.